In A Carrilana, CompostelaMarch 24, 20221 Minutes

Today and always united against violence.

A Carrilana has a woman's name.

hat is why from the team of A Carrilana we want to convey the rejection against any kind of violence.
We want to denounce that in the year 2021 about 6,000 women in Galicia suffered some sexist aggression (physical or psychological), according to data from the Government Delegation in Galicia. In the same period more than 2,000 protection orders were decreed. There are 4,057 active cases in the police monitoring system of gender violence, 46 of these are classified as high risk. In addition, 1,500 cases involve minors.
These data indicate that there is a very serious problem for women in Galicia, and we want to show all our support and convey a safe and violence-free environment for women. We are very proud to say that A Carrilana is a safe space where no violence is tolerated, neither physical, psychological or economic.
We also want to encourage people to speak out and denounce any kind of aggression. Together we will be able to stop this that does so much harm to Galician society.
Today and always, united against violence.