The breakfasts at A Carrilana are an experience not to be missed. We have all kinds of coffees and infusions to please even the most demanding. We also have juices, smoothies, cereals, sweets, pancakes, toast … The options are varied and accommodate the tastes of each.

You can relax watching the atmosphere from our terrace in San Paio de Alteares square. This square was not always like this, in the early twentieth century it was full of Carrilanas that went to A Coruña stopping at Porta Faxeira.
However, we also have the option of Brunch for those who are not so early risers and want to have breakfast and lunch together.
At brunch you can enjoy all the options we have at breakfast, plus savory dishes such as Egg Drops, sandwiches, and even burgers or buddha bowls. The fun thing about brunch is that you can have cocktails or vermouth, and it has a much more flexible schedule than breakfast.

Weekends are ideal for this type of plan, as they are days when you don't get up early and you can relax without keeping an eye on the clock.

If you are still not convinced to come and try all our options, we are going to offer you 5 reasons why you need to come.
     1. You will enjoy a good atmosphere, surrounded by a space with history.
     2. You have different and varied food.
     3. Flexibility of de schedules.
     4. We are the best ally to cure the previous night’s damage.
     5. Good company. Bring friends or family to spend a relaxing time with you.

We wait for you from Wednesday to Sunday from 10h to 16h in A Carrilana.

You can consult the breakfast and brunch menu here.